Where to... Eat
  • Osteria dei Cavalieri. Very good traditional food. Medium-high budget. Book in advance. Via S. Frediano 16. Tel: 050 580858.
  • Il vecchio teatro. Good typical local food. Medium-high budget. Nice atmosphere. Book in advance. Via Collegio Ricci 12 (corner with Piazza Dante). Tel 050 20210.
  • A casa mia. High budget. Very good food. Nice atmosphere. Not in the centre (but close to the CNR). Book in advance. Via Provinciale Vicarese, 10. Tel: 050 879265.
  • La Stanzina. Many sicilian dishes. Good food. Medium budget. Better to book in advance. Via Cavalca 30. Tel: 050 577203.
  • Il porton Rosso. (not only) Fish restaurant. Tuscan food. Medium budget. Via Porton Rosso 11. Tel: 050 580566.
  • Il campano. Medium budget. Good food. Also tables outside. Via Cavalca 19. Tel: 050 580585.
  • Le Bandierine. Specialised in pasta. Medium budget. Via Mercanti 4. Tel: 050 500000.
  • Repubbliche Marinare. Restaurant and Pizzeria in a quiet square in the centre. Medium budget. Decent Pizza and (also) fish restaurant. Vicolo del Ricciardi 8. Tel: 050 20506.
  • Pizzeria La cereria. There are tables outside. Low-medium budget. No booking allowed, but hard to find place unless you go early. Good pizza. Via P. Gori 33. Tel: 050 20336.
  • Pizzeria Regginella. The best pizza in town. A bit far from the centre. Low budget. Better book in advance. Via di Gello 134. Tel: 050 564400.
  • Pizzeria Bella Napoli. The second best pizza in town, close to the centre. Low-medium budget. Better to book in advance unless you go early. Via del Borghetto 44. Tel: 050 578520.
  • Osteria di Culegna. Low budget. Traditional and good food. Via Mercanti 25. Tel: 050 576426.
  • Numero undici. An original formula: you serve yourself; when your dish is ready they shout it and you go and pick it up. Good food, nice people. Low budget. Via S. Martino 47. Tel: 050 27282.
  • Pizzeria Le Scuderie. Fast service. Lots of place. Low budget. No booking, at worst a bit of waiting. Good pizza. Via Sancasciani 1. Tel: 050 40884.
  • Pizzeria Il Montino. Also (mostly) good for a snack. You pick your stuff and take away or sit down to eat. Slices of (or entire) pizza and filled "focaccia". Speciality ‘focaccia con cecina’ (white pizza filled with a slice of oven made cake of chick peas flour). Low budget. Via del Monte 1. Tel: 050 598695.
  • Gelateria De Coltelli. The best ice cream in town. Delicious. Only seasonal fresh fruit flavours, and more. Try also "granita". Lungarno Pacinotti 23.

...Have A Drink

Basically, the centre is full of places where one can have a drink. Many are concentrated on the riverside around Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Cairoli, and Piazza delle Vettovaglie, where there are tables where one can sit outside. Most of these places offer free food (snacks) at the time of “aperitivo”, i.e. just before dinner. Others are concentrated around Piazza S. Martino.
Excellent raw beers (produced locally) can be found at Orzo Bruno, via Case Dipinte. Here you can also eat (nice warm snacks and sandwiches).